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better check the horn

published7 months ago
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Hi Reader,

Oops, so the horn is located all the way at the bottom of the bike?

Thoughtfully I inspected his impressive curry coloured high-end speedbike of a strong German two-named brand. My friend's bike was equipped with 2 power batteries and a series of specs every cycling fanatic is dreaming about…

but there, at the very bottom, in between the pedals...

there it was, the little membrane through which the warning signal was supposed to be produced. Ready to catch a thick layer of dirt and be completely muted on his next ride through the countryside… a detail I had overlooked, but that I would now check systematically before proceeding with any purchase.

The devil is in the details - and some of them can cost you a lot of frustration or pain.

A pity, huh? If only I would we would know such things upfront.

It reminds me of that doctor who may have called you because he couldn't find the checkboxes in the electronic reimbursement form. And you then trying to find out how such form is actually presented through e-prescription software, to find where those checkboxes may be situated. The databases of RIZIV-INAMI, let alone Staatsblad-Moniteur, may not have led you to swift illumination either.

How about a digital comrade, offering you a preview?

Did you know that you can visualise reimbursement forms - with a clear layout - via the SAM viewer?

>> Visit, type the reimbursement paragraph number and be amazed by:

  • nicely formatted text with indentations
  • the required number of checks
  • the location of checkboxes
  • links to additional documents
  • other medicines associated to this reimbursement paragraph
  • exclusions

and much more to discover (can you find the details of the verses? let me know)

Where do you find paragraph numbers?

For a given package (AMPP), find its associated paragraphs in the tab 'Prijs/Prix' by clicking the CNK code of interest.

Good to know: a direct link to the paragraph content will be added by Digile, so you won't have to click your way through the paragraph or copy-paste the paragraph number in the search bar in the future. We'll keep you posted :-)

Have a nice day,

An from Digile
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ps: Don't have a striking example of a paragraph in mind? Then check the adalimumab paragraph §8820000 ( with lay-out, checkboxes and associated drug packages. Here you go, Reader!