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published3 months ago
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Hi Reader,

“It’s not about creating a digital strategy for our business but about creating a business strategy for a digital world.”

A quote from Lidia Fonseca. As Pfizer’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Lidia is responsible for all data and technology solutions across the organization.

Organizations need to adapt to the changing environment and implement digital and data in their everyday operations and workflow.

But I hear you think… where do I start?

I’m already using data, right? Or is there more upward potential that I might be missing? Or maybe it's not about finding the data, but putting the puzzle together and interpreting after all?

  • How often do you copy-paste data into Excel files for competitor screening? And next month, you can rewind and repeat the manual job. And you’ll miss that extension of indication halfway through the month.

  • Can you rely on an IT department to translate your data questions into automated, daily updated solutions? Where will your company find those profiles, and is this their top priority or risky budget?

  • How often are you struggling with poor quality data or missing links to gain a more complete insight in market trends?

  • How confident are you to not miss out on important changes when you have to check on 5 different websites and pdf files for authorisations, reimbursement, CTG agendas and commercialisations?

Have you ever wondered what you would do with your free time if the data puzzle was already made for you, and you had time to focus on insights? What else would be possible?

Focus on real-world evidence? Explore new therapeutic domains? Or anything else?

Let me know with a simple reply.

Have a nice day,

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