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do you pick up trash?

published5 months ago
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Hi Reader,

One hundred seventy seven

was the number of cans and bottles I could count on the roadside this morning on my bike commute.

Corresponding to an average of 5 beverage containers per kilometer on the way to the office.
Since September, I have decided to pick up the litter as much as possible, in the hope to improve the situation.

Picking up empty bottles, I started to realize to the fullest the contribution of cleaning to quality.

In databases too, cleaning is essential: rubbish in is rubbish out.

You need clean data for correct use and insights.

This may sound obvious, but in a recent analysis, comparing official public prices in the official (SAM) e-prescription database to APB prices, we found out that in more than 5% of cases the public price is different from APB or lacking.

Knowing that SAM public prices are used in e-prescription software, it is a quite important point of attention to pharmaceutical companies.

Moreover, a correct price on the BCFI/CBIP website does not guarantee a correct price in the prescription software, as homologated software has to use SAM as the official source.

And the same holds true for prescription names, codes, reimbursement context and many other aspects of an actual drug package on the market.

As a pharmaceutical company, you can verify and correct your data through the public SAM viewer:

Maybe you sometimes get lost in the information and don't know precisely how to notify errors on SAM data?

Do you want to learn more about how your medicines are displayed in e-prescription software, and correct potential errors?

Download Digile’s free
SAM for smarties guide and:

★ understand how your drugs enter prescription software

★ find and correct official drug information (with a demo video on how-to)

★ get familiar with SAM abbreviations for pharma

Have a nice day,

An from Digile
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