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how many post-its do you have on your desk?

published5 months ago
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Hi Reader,

Ding dong… with a sheepish smile and a multi-coloured exploded bouquet that had to make up for my mistake, I was standing at the doorstep of my "second mother". She took care of me and the family household when I was a kid.

Happy birthday, erm I mean, yesterday. The stern look in her eyes was clear to me.

I had been trying for the best, though: a paper birthday calendar with cute puppies and kittens would serve as a daily reminder to the most important milestones of my loved ones. Despite those efforts, I was nevertheless making a bad turn again.

That changed the day I discovered Google calendar notifications. Google notifications saved my Reputation. On apparently random days, they remind me of important "holy events" with a simple alert on my digital media. No angry looks of my beloved ones anymore.

I didn’t tell my second mother about the trick, and hey, I guess you won't either.

Do you have a post-it on your desktop

  • Follow up competition on immunosuppressants?
  • Check launches of new antineoplastic agents?
  • Check extensions of EMA indications for non-small cell lung carcinoma?

Or do you really never miss moves of the competition?

How would it feel if you could just daily monitor your favourite medicines, by simply clicking a 'follow' button to receive an email with changes? It can be that simple. Phew, get those post-its off your screen and forget the "todo-s" for years to come.

Farmanaut is an automated solution to proactively monitor changes in the drug market during the complete life cycle of a drug, from European authorisation over extensions, reimbursement, commercialisation, supply problems and price changes. The solution also enables monitoring at higher levels of drug groups such as drug classes. We are permanently improving the navigation experience, by adding new search levels and monitors, e.g. for EMA events.

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