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this is why I'm calling you at midnight

published6 months ago
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Hi Reader,

Quick quick, push off, push off, I have to interrupt that call NOW.

…was all I could think.

Around midnight. Dizzy like a sloth hanging in its tree with a little champagne overdose, I woke up to the sound of the dial tone. Within a second, the drowsiness turned to horror. Panicked, I grasped for my mobile on the night table as if I wanted to instantly kill an annoying mosquito.

I was calling a customer. The victim was the last dialed number in my call history. After a few dial tones, I managed to hang up just in time before the voicemail went off.

I had fallen asleep with music in my headphones. When rolling over, I accidentally activated the button on the side. A long press apparently leads to calling the last dialed number.


We are available day and night for our customers.

Or almost.

At Digile, we monitor the pharmaceutical market and data quality in the prescription database on a daily basis.

Think of… the prescribability of medicines.

This month we noticed that medicines occasionally lose their authorisation (and hence prescribability) for a few days, probably due to technical issues, even though the information on the website of the FAMHP is displayed correctly. A drug allegedly lost its authorisation for around two weeks in July, according to the prescription database SAM (check out the picture below). More than often, the glitch has been fixed by the moment the company starts to experience any hindrance.

We proactively reported this glitch to the firm, that was unaware of the problem.

We also perform one-off sanity checks

We compare all names, codes and data from your price list with the official data in the prescription database. More than once, surprises come up. For example, a wrong official prescription name of a generic drug led to situations where the drug couldn’t be prescribed with its actual name for months.

How confident are you that your portfolio can be prescribed correctly in practice?

Wouldn’t you rather prefer a proactive wake-up call to prescribability issues?

Digile developed Farmanaut to permanently monitor your portfolio in the event of changes in the prescription database. Proactive e-mail notifications can keep you informed upfront of changes.

On the other hand, our portfolio sanity check is a punctual Digile service.

Send us your price list and we will provide you with an analysis of the prescribability of your products, indicating the potential errors in the prescribing database.

  • do your drugs have the correct prescribability status
  • is the prescription name correct
  • checks of prices, authorisation status and reimbursement

among others.

That's Digile's service for you.

Have a nice day,

An from Digile
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