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what's your Lego type?

published2 months ago
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Hi Reader,

Do you remember the days you were buildling houses in Lego bricks?

Building the house of your dreams, but then getting frustrated as you couldn't find that specific 3-dotted thin brick you needed according to plan? Of having to start it all over because you skipped that one crucial step? Or did you prefer to play around, ignoring any provided plan?

And now, as an adult?

Do you build your dream house brick by brick, working yourself to blood sweat and tears? Or do you consult an architect for plans and expert knowledge on the best materials? And turn to professional builders with state-of-the-art equipment to build a durable structure?

Building a data strategy is like building a house, but one of data insights.

The life cycle of a medicine is a collection of data bricks, merging into larger trends.

From EMA authorisation, market access to off-patent price erosion, there is a bulk of data to collect and learn from.

A smart strategist follows those trends to anticipate and adapt to a competitive environment.

Data is ubiquitous, but the sources of information are scattered. And let's face it, some bricks are harder to handle as they reside in unstructured formats such as pdf files or websites.

Assembling data bricks into houses of insights doesn’t come easily. It requires a unique and scarce combination of data-expertise and technical skills.

  • Do you manually follow up trends in therapeutic domains? Can you easily reconstruct timelines of events? Don’t you ever miss moves of the competition or opportunities?
  • Can you lean on a data engineer to solve the data puzzle?
  • Is there somebody who understands your data questions and translates them into daily updated reports?

Do no longer manually sweat yourself through data puzzles, but uncover all potential. Turn to a data architect with domain expertise and focus on building a proactive and competitive strategy.

We can be of help to you.

It is Digile's mission to connect the medicinal data dots.

  • We translate your specific question into an actionable report or dashboard, in close collaboration with domain experts in market access and regulatory affairs.
  • We take care of the integration of all necessary data, choosing the highest quality of data sources. By using state-of-the art equipment we integrate different data building blocks from diverse databases, websites or files. Integrate EMA, FAGG, CTG, RIZIV, IQVIA,... data.
  • By daily refreshing the building materials and building extensions to your needs, your house will be kept in good shape. We know where to find the cleanest and highest quality data about medicines.

It is time to connect the data dots from all silos, and build up-to-date insights to anticipate the ever faster changing medical market.

Dear Reader, can you help me out with the following questions?

Thinking of your current data strategy...

  • What is giving you good vibes?
  • What tools do you use for market and competitive intelligence?
  • What is your biggest fear or challenge ?
  • What opportunities are you currently missing because you don't find time to solve the puzzle?

Let me know in a small reply, as I'm alway happy to hear from you.

Have a nice day,

An from Digile
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